You Can Now Rent a Friend!

Here at Anything for Hire, we are huge advocates of the hire model, eager for people to refrain from buying products when hiring makes sense. So, in our opinion, the more creative the hire offer; the better.

This is why we were incredibly intrigued to learn more about a ‘rent a friend’ service that has launched.

The website, which has gained a great deal of attention, permits users to hire ‘friends’ for social occasions. For instance, if you have a works do and are struggling to find a plus one to go along with, you can log on and order one, paying a small fee for the pleasure.

On average, these rental humans cost around £20 an hour, with the ‘mates rates’ being reliativly cheap.

Solina, one of 60,000 people listed on the site, explains:

“Some people might want to do something out of their friend circle with a complete stranger, they might want to go for a coffee and just a chat”.

“It’s a transaction at the end of the day, there’s no strings, there’s no emotional attachment, you just go and be a friend and go away,” she added.
But, this is not a new phenomenon. The website is actually celebrating being ten years in business, with its Founder thrilled to have hit this milestone.

“We were the first and are still the largest Rent A Friend service around the world,” he said.

Let us know what you think. Would you hire a friend to go to the pictures with or even pack out a funeral?

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