Cabbies Lose Uber Battle

Ever since Uber came onto the scene, local cabbies have had an issue, with the rivalry between traditional cabbies and ones booked through the app resulting in various protests across the globe. And, although Uber has been around for a good few years now, the disputes continue.

Just this week, London’s community of cabbies have lost their latest battle against the transport brand. According to various sources, cabbies lost a High Court dispute, challenging a judge’s decision to grant Uber their London licence.

According to the cabbies, the judge that ruled in favour of Uber returning to the London market was ‘biased’, believing that Chief Magistrate Emma Arbuthnot should not have granted the 15-month permit.

“Having ascertained all the circumstances bearing on the suggestion that the judge was biased, we consider that those circumstances would not lead a fair-minded and informed observer to conclude that there was a real possibility that the judge was biased in this case,” the judgment declared.

He also said that the ‘tenuous connections unearthed” by the black cab drivers’ complaint fell “well short of evidence that would begin to give a fair-minded observer even pause for thought”.

While many have been quick to criticise Uber and its attitude towards operating in London, when their licence was revoked last year, they were very open about their shortcomings. Holding their hands up and admitting they had failed to protect passengers, Uber were happy to work under stricter conditions.

But, it is not just the UK where Uber is hitting the headlines. Apparently, Uber are also entangled in a messy row in New York. Uber is said to be suing NYC lawmakers, wanting to rid of the cap they have placed on car-hailing.

So, while a sad state of affairs for Uber in the US, it appears things are looking up for the ride-hailing brand here in the UK.

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