Though being all about promoting positivity in the hire industry, sometimes we unfortunately have to report stories that are far from heart-warming. And today is one of those days.

According to sources, a burglar from Welshpool has today been sentenced, prosecuted for the raid of a local tool hire company.

Stealing more than £2000 worth of equipment from the business, Ashley Smith, 24, has now been sentenced to serve 11 months in jail.

CCTV to the rescue

The criminal was caught after CCTV captured an image of his face when the neckerchief he was wearing slipped.

Cameras fitted at Phils Tools Hire on the Severn Road Industrial Estate showed both Smith and his accomplice execute the burglary three years ago. According to the authorities, one climbed through the hole, took a selection of tools and passed them to his accomplice who was waiting on the outside of the property.

While the judge felt 11 months in prison was a sufficient punishment, others did not, with hundreds of social media users sharing their negative comments online.

Judge Rhys Rowlands declared that the crime had involved a “degree of planning” and added: “The damage was considerable to a small business owned by a gentleman on the verge of retiring.”

“He has a stable personal life and he has been working as a joiner and a car valeter. It is three-and-a-half years since he committed this offence and he has not been convicted of anything since,” said his counsel.

Let us know what you think about this crime, is 11 months inside the right decision? Leave your comments and opinions with us!

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