BMW hint at plans to bring car hire scheme to UK cities

BMW have hinted that they may introduce their new car sharing scheme to cities in the UK. The BMW pay as-you-go car hire system is currently only available in Munich, however the luxury car manufacturer has revealed plans to expand the service in parts of Europe, including Berlin, and also suggested there is a strong possibility the scheme could be introduced in UK cities such as London, Manchester and Birmingham.

The BMW car hire system is a joint venture between the car makers and Sixt car rental. BMW have supplied 300 cars for the scheme in Munich, with Sixt arranging the logistics and managing the customer database.

Customers must first register to use the service, at which point they’re issued with a unique Identification number. Once registered, customers have the option to hire BMW 30001 series models from a variety of locations throughout the city.

The hire cars can be located using a special mobile app, and customers must type in their ID number to activate the car which is unlocked using keyless technology. Typically the cars cost 25p per minute to hire.

The car rental scheme has proved popular in Munich, and now the leading car manufacturer is looking into launching the service in Berlin, and also UK cities within the coming year. In addition, BMW has also invested in the website where homeowners register their driveways and garages for use by registered users to park their cars for an agreed fee.