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Greetings, fellow event enthusiasts! It's your trusted guide from Anything for Hire here, and today I'm excited to share some top tips to ensure you stay safe while having an absolute blast in sumo suits at your next event. Sumo suit wrestling has become a hilariously entertaining activity for parties, corporate team-building, and even stag and hen dos. While it's all about fun, safety is paramount to avoid any unexpected tumbles turning into injuries. So, let's dive into the essential safety measures to keep your sumo experience enjoyable for everyone involved.

Sumo Suit Safety Basics

Before you step into your larger-than-life sumo wrestler persona, let's outline the basic safety practices.

Suit Up Properly

Ensure your sumo suit fits correctly. A suit that's too tight or too loose can restrict movement or cause trips and falls.

Clear the Arena

Keep the wrestling area free of obstacles. A clear space means less chance of bumping into something or someone.


Always have a designated safety official or referee to oversee the matches and enforce rules.

Sumo Match Rules

To keep things in order, it's important to have a set of rules for your sumo wrestling matches:

  • Matches should be timed to prevent exhaustion.
  • Only two participants in the ring at a time to minimize collisions.
  • No high throws or moves aimed at the neck and head area.

Post-Match Protocol

After the fun is over, there's a right way to wrap things up:

Suit Removal

Assist each other in removing the suits to prevent falls or strains.


Rehydrate after the match, especially if the event is outdoors or in a warm environment.


Take adequate rest periods between matches to recover energy.

Sumo Suit Maintenance

Proper care of sumo suits is essential for longevity and safety:

  • Regular cleaning and inspection for wear and tear.
  • Correct storage to avoid damage to the suits.
  • Pre-event safety checks to ensure all suits are in top condition.

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Sumo Suit Event Checklist
Item Details Responsibility
Sumo Suits Inspected and clean Event Organiser
Wrestling Mats Secured and padded Venue
Referee Trained and vigilant Event Staff
Emergency Kit Stocked and accessible First Aid Officer
Water Station Plenty of fluids Catering

In conclusion, safety is the key to a successful event, and at Anything for Hire, we are committed to ensuring you have all the resources at your fingertips. Whether it's the thrill of sumo wrestling or the class of sophisticated transport, we're here to help you create memories without compromising on safety or convenience. Book your event essentials with us and let's make your event a standout success!

Remember to stay safe, follow the tips, and have fun - while we take care of the rest. Visit Anything for Hire to plan your event today!

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