While mandaps are utilised mainly in Hindu and Jain wedding ceremonies, these extravagant platforms are being used by brides and grooms of all faiths and traditions, hired for their aesthetic beauty.

Here at Anything for Hire, we are proud to be helping brides and grooms across the UK find top madam hire deals, giving them a free facility for them to search, compare and book mandaps with ease. 

If you are currently shopping for mandap hire, you may well be confused as to what your options actually are. This is why below, we take a look at a few popular mandap variations.

Draped mandap 

Mandaps that are draped in coloured materials work really well and are incredibly effective! And, in our opinion, the more colourful and vibrant the colours, the better. From bold reds and greens to multi-coloured sarees, draped mandaps can add depth and colour to any wedding venue.

Gold mandap 

Want to make a real statement with your wedding mandap? If so, why not opt for a large gold-coloured mandap, ensuring you and your other half are the centre of attention when exchanging vows on your mandap.

Gold mandaps are suited rather well to Hindi weddings, tying in nicely with Hindu weddings and their gold jewels, table centrepieces and the likes.

Flowered mandap 

Whether it be fresh or synthetic, hiring a mandap with flowers adorned all over it looks incredible. Perfect for summer weddings held outdoors, flowered mandaps are just gorgeous to look at. What’s more is that many brides and grooms choose to feature colours that are the same as their wedding pallet, making the mandap a focal point of the ceremony.

Platform mandap 

Want your mandap to steal the show? If so, opting for a platform mandap may be an option, ensuring the mandap is raised and a real show-stopper. 

Krishna mandap 

With the majority of mandaps hired for religious weddings, many mandaps incorporate religious imagery into them. A popular option is Krishna mandaps; mandaps with the Hindu deity carved into the wood.

Circular mandap 

The shape of your mandap will have a big part to play in how it fits in at a venue. Where most mandaps are square, some of the larger variations created for big Asian weddings are circular in shape.

Bespoke mandap 

Although there are a few conventional styles and shapes when it comes to mandaps, you always have the option to go bespoke, having a Mandap hire company create a mandap from scratch for your big day. 

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