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Welcome to 'Anything for Hire,' your go-to source for all things hire-related. If you're planning your nuptials and are enchanted by the idea of a wedding set against the dramatic landscapes of the Western Isles, you're in for a treat. As you embark on this thrilling journey, allow me to guide you through some of the most magical venues that these islands have to offer.

Historic Venues with a Story

The Western Isles, also known as the Outer Hebrides, are steeped in history and culture. Imagine tying the knot in a castle with centuries-old tales or a quaint, historic lodge with stunning sea views. The table below showcases a selection of venues that exude historic charm.

Castle Weddings

Castles provide the ultimate fairytale backdrop. With their ancient walls and royal heritage, they offer a uniquely romantic setting.

Historic Lodges

For a more intimate setting, consider a historic lodge where you can exchange vows with the hauntingly beautiful Hebridean landscape as your witness.

Contemporary Spaces for Modern Love

If modern architecture and design speak to your heart, the Western Isles cater to this taste as well. From art galleries to bespoke hotels, these contemporary venues merge sophistication with the island's natural beauty.

Embrace the Wilderness: Outdoor Weddings

For adventurous couples, an outdoor wedding on the Western Isles' rugged terrain is unrivalled. Say 'I do' on a secluded beach or atop a windswept cliff, with the Atlantic Ocean's waves as your soundtrack.

Selection of Western Isles Wedding Venues
Type of Venue Name Location Capacity
Castle Lews Castle Stornoway Up to 200
Historic Lodge Garrynamonie Lodge South Uist Up to 100
Art Gallery An Lanntair Stornoway Up to 120
Bespoke Hotel Hotel Hebrides Tarbert Up to 150
Beach Luskentyre Sands Harris No Limit

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