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Hello, and welcome to the Anything for Hire blog! As a premier UK-based online platform, we specialise in providing a vast selection of hire services, including luxury transport options, mandap hire, and more. Today, we’re diving into the top trends in mandap hire for 2023. If you're planning a wedding or special event, you'll want to read on to discover the latest and most exciting trends in this essential element of traditional ceremonies.

Eco-Friendly Mandaps

One of the most significant trends in 2023 is the rise of eco-friendly mandaps. Couples are increasingly mindful of their environmental impact and are opting for sustainable options. These mandaps are crafted from biodegradable materials such as bamboo, recycled wood, and natural fabrics. Not only do these options reduce waste, but they also add a rustic and organic charm to your ceremony.

Floral Mandaps

Floral mandaps continue to be a favourite in 2023. This year, the trend leans towards using locally sourced and seasonal flowers, which not only supports local businesses but also reduces the carbon footprint. Whether you prefer a lavish floral canopy or a minimalistic design, flowers can transform any mandap into a stunning focal point.

Thematic Mandaps

Thematic mandaps are another trend gaining momentum. From vintage to contemporary themes, couples are personalising their mandaps to reflect their unique style and story. Popular themes include fairy-tale settings, bohemian vibes, and even specific cultural inspirations. The key is to choose a theme that resonates with you and your partner.

Technology-Integrated Mandaps

In 2023, technology is making its way into mandap designs. LED lighting, digital screens, and sound systems are being integrated to create an immersive experience. Imagine a mandap that changes colours to match the different phases of your ceremony or one that displays a slideshow of your journey as a couple. The possibilities are endless and add a modern twist to traditional settings.

Why Choose Anything for Hire?

At Anything for Hire, we pride ourselves on offering an extensive array of hire services across the UK. From chauffeur-driven coaches and limousines to horse and carriage hire and self-drive sports cars, we have something for everyone. Our platform makes it easy to compare prices and book online, ensuring you get the best deal for your special day. Our excellent customer service guarantees a seamless experience from start to finish.

Our Mandap Options

When it comes to mandap hire, we offer a diverse selection to suit any style and budget. Whether you're seeking an eco-friendly mandap, a floral masterpiece, or a technology-integrated marvel, we have you covered. Our team works closely with you to ensure your vision comes to life, making your ceremony truly unforgettable.

How to Book

Booking your mandap hire with Anything for Hire is simple. Visit our website, search for mandap hire, and browse through the available options. You can compare prices, read customer reviews, and book online in just a few clicks. If you have any questions or need assistance, our friendly customer service team is always here to help.


There you have it—the top trends in mandap hire for 2023. As you plan your special day, remember that Anything for Hire is here to provide you with the best options and the highest level of service. Visit our website today to explore our offerings and make your dream wedding a reality. Thank you for reading, and we look forward to helping you create unforgettable memories.

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