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Perfect Weather Conditions for Bouncy Castle Hire in Gloucestershire

Greetings from Anything for Hire! Are you planning an outdoor event in Gloucestershire and considering a bouncy castle to add that extra bounce to your festivities? Smart choice! But before you click "book now," let's chat about the perfect weather conditions to ensure your event is not just fun but also safe.

Ideal Temperature

First and foremost, temperature plays a crucial role. You want it warm enough for guests to enjoy the outdoors but not so hot that the bouncy castle becomes a no-go zone. A pleasant range of 15°C to 21°C is ideal. It’s comfortable for the kids to play without the risk of heat exhaustion.

Wind Conditions

Wind speed is another critical factor. Safety guidelines suggest that bouncy castles should not be used when wind speeds exceed 24-29 km/h. A gentle breeze is fine, but anything more can pose a risk.


Let’s talk rain—after all, this is the UK! A light drizzle might not be a deal-breaker, but heavy rain can make the surface slippery. Always check the forecast before your event and have a backup plan in case of an unexpected downpour.

Seasonal Weather Guide for Bouncy Castle Hire

Gloucestershire Seasonal Weather Averages
Season Average Temperature Range (°C) Average Wind Speed (km/h)
Spring 6 - 15 19 - 24
Summer 15 - 21 15 - 20
Autumn 8 - 14 20 - 25
Winter 1 - 6 24 - 30+

Now that we've covered the weather, let's not forget the effortless service Anything for Hire provides. With a vast selection of services ranging from luxury transport to novelty entertainment, we make comparing prices and booking online a breeze—pun intended. Our commitment to excellent customer service ensures your hiring process is as smooth as the bouncy castle's surface on a calm, sunny day.

Remember, planning ahead is key. Ensure you're up to date with the local Gloucestershire weather forecast, and always have a contingency plan. With Anything for Hire, you're not just hiring a bouncy castle; you're crafting unforgettable memories with a touch of exhilaration and a whole lot of laughter, all within the perfect weather conditions.

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